Dendy Residences

Damgar Property Group created four individually crafted residences of the highest quality. Possessing a perfect integration of exterior and interior design by award-winning Jackson Clements Burrows Architects, and masterful landscaping by celebrated landscape architect Jack Merlo.

Brighton is arguably Melbourne’s most sought-after suburb, with a combination of grand homes, easy-going coastal lifestyle, the colourful bathing boxes of Dendy Beach, boutique shopping, cafés and restaurants, world-class golf courses in the renowned Sandbelt, and an easy commute into the city.

The beachfront is lined with palm trees, gardens and open lawns. A pedestrian and bicycle path runs along much of the foreshore, and the historic Middle Brighton Baths, which have been enjoyed by visitors since 1881, sit next to a large marina.

You want to stroll on Dendy Beach sands, enjoy an espresso in the urbane cafés of Church Street, peruse cosmopolitan boutiques, then return home to effortless, luxury modern living, with all the complex accents of a superior wine.

A relaxed coastal lifestyle surrounded by the elegance of prestige homes, boutique shopping, cafés and restaurants, and the supreme convenience of living so close to the city.



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